Baobab Capital operates the Baobab Growth Fund I, Baobab Growth Fund II and the Baobab Climate Fund. We don’t just invest, we help our portfolio companies excel through in-depth guidance and advice on their business operations, strategy, and finance.

Baobab Growth Fund I & II

Baobab Growth Fund I invests in well-managed early stage companies with strong growth potential. Fund I was focused on Namibia and made nine investments across the ICT, industrial and consumer sectors. Check out our portfolio companies for examples of our investments.

Baobab Growth Fund II is the product of creating proof of concept with the Baobab Growth Fund I. Baobab Capital has shown that there is considerable scope for investing in early stage companies across the venture capital funding cycle. We have shown that these businesses can scale regionally which increases their economic and developmental impact on the region. We have shown that while capital is a powerful catalyst it must be combined with day-to-day hands- on support and capacity building to be successful.

Baobab Climate Fund

With a strong focus on the water-energy-food nexus, Baobab Climate Fund is keen to partner with entities/ communities that share its business philosophy which includes; potential for long-term sustainability and positive impacts, transformative/ paradigm shifting potential, needs-based or demand driven, inclusive and, optimal use of resources.

Environmental and Social
The natural environment is the backbone of African economies and, interaction with the social dimension unlocks livelihood and economic potential and benefits. Core competencies in project management, monitoring and evaluation, environmental and social impact assessment, policy review and development and, feasibility analysis and natural resource enterprise development. Turning challenges into opportunities.

Partnering on projects/ initiatives that can secure the energy-water-food nexus, raise socio-economic resilience, grow sustainably and provide long-term secure incomes. We bring strategic, technical and operational skills to develop and execute projects, raise funding and secure viable partners and, to identify and source/ develop appropriate technology, innovation and solutions.

People are responsible for governance. We bring experience and capacities, through appropriate tools and systems, to ensure sound governance of projects from development through to execution and decommissioning. Responsibility, accountability and transparency are guiding principles while ensuring adequate knowledge and skills among staff is critical for suitable systemic governance.

Data and Analytics
Application and analysis of data enable us to determine viability, identify opportunities for innovation and remain at the cutting edge as a partner, investor and/or advisor. We pride ourselves in being able to apply appropriate data and, employing the best analytical competencies and tools to deliver desired results. Industry innovation, and ideas for diversification, expansion and value addition are vetted with data and sharp analytics.

Funding restrictions

We do not fund the following projects

  • Investments in state companies, institutions or organisations, or business where the State has a direct or indirect significant stake, unless in the context of a privatisation or partial privatisation
  • Investments in companies with unacceptable social and/or environmental impact
  • Production or trade in any product or activity deemed illegal under Namibian laws or regulations or international conventions and agreements
  • Production or trade in weapons and ammunitions, tobacco, hard liquor, gambling, casinos and equivalent enterprises, pornography or prostitution
  • Trade in wildlife or wildlife products regulated under CITES
  • Production or use of or trade in hazardous materials such as unbounded asbestos fibres and products containing PCBs.
  • Cross-border trade in waste and waste products unless compliant with the Basel Convention and the underlying regulations.
  • Drift net fishing in the marine environment using nets in excess of 2.5 km in length.
  • Production, use of or trade in pharmaceuticals, pesticides/herbicides and other hazardous substances subject to international phase-outs or bans
  • Significant conversion or degradation of Critical Habitat Production and distribution of racist and anti-democratic media. Significant alteration, damage, or removal of any critical cultural heritage
  • Relocation of Indigenous Peoples from traditional or customary land